Dangerous and improper handling techniques, patient positioning can cause injury to the caregiver or the person we help. To reduce the risk of injury to care workers and assistants, legislation was introduced to protect people. The 1974 Act. Occupational health and safety is a legal requirement for employers to maintain the health and safety of their employees. Employees have the responsibility to look after the health, safety and well-being of themselves and others, especially those whom we help. We also need to respect the patient, so we should consider his opinion about his / her own care. As an employee, I must adhere to and follow the rules and procedures in force at work.
Each patient should have their own care plan (agreed ways of working) which we must follow. I also need to make sure that my training regarding transferring and positioning patients are up to date, because it is required by law and should be renewed every year.
This helps us to ensure the correct movement and positioning of patients and gives us the opportunity to access any information about new regulations that may come into force, and refreshes our knowledge about the correct use of equipment, such as a hoist, slide sheet, rotunda, etc.


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