Dance and revolutionary as Russian choreographer. Classical ballet

Dance is very popular these days.

Dance has continuing a long time from the past to the present. Dance convey stories and express emotions through dancing. There are many types of dance. Among them, we will research about classical ballet and modern dance of Isadora Duncan. Classical ballet and modern dance of Isadora Duncan are one among types of dance, but there are many differences. Especially, there are many differences in expression way. Now, let’s find out about the classical ballet and the modern dance of the Isadora Duncan.Classical ballet originated Italian Renaissance courts in the 15th century.

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It was formed after the Romantic ballet and conducted between 17th century and 19th century. Romantic ballet consisted of topic most about fantasy. People want fantasy because people was hard after the French Revolution. But then Petipa created a more strict and complex classic ballet. It used very systematic, delicate and high-level ballet skills. Typical examples of classical ballet include Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker. It was created by Petipa and is still very famous ballet.

He was very popular and revolutionary as Russian choreographer. Classical ballet was also very dramatic and had fantastic topic like as romantic ballet. Also, the musical accompaniment was created by full orchestra in the classical ballet. Music of the classical ballet was very important. Fast tempo music and slow tempo music made ballet to look very differently.

The dancers danced according to music. Tchaikovsky made the music of most famous ballet. He created music of Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker and he is very famous Russian composer.The movement of the classical ballet was slow, detail and harmonious.

Especially, there was many movements of jumping and turning. People followed very complicated and strict rules because classical ballet represented social status. So, the dancers danced more gracefully and sophisticated and they needed excellent skills. The most of the audience were aristocrats that social status is important and relaxed. Therefore, it made classical ballet more sophisticated and popular. It most danced to consist of group dancer.

Dancers showed to have symmetry and balance performance. Dancer’s costumes was also very elegant because it made expensive material. So, it was more beautiful and the female dancer’s costume give to stand out her leg.

Short skirt to wear is more well to show the movement of the legs. The male dancer’s costumes were most ballet suits. Also, the setting was the court and the large theater.The modern dance was againsted to classical ballet and made freely and remove strict rules to express free personal emotions.

it was not strict and danced very freely differently the classical ballet. There were many modern dance choreographers. They skills and costumes were very different according to the modern dance choreographers.

Also, unlikely classical ballet requires many dancers, modern dance did not need many dancers. Classical ballet used many dancers because look like to balance and harmonious, but modern dance’s dancers were one dancer or small group. The modern dance was completely different and creative movement that can’t see past according to the dancer.

It was opportunity to broke the stereotyped thing of classical ballet.Isadora Duncan is one of the choreographers of modern dance. She is people that symbolize freedom. She was one of the most important people because she was the creater of modern dance. The modern dance expressed their personal life through dance and most dance have topic to related nature. Isadora Duncan expressed soul of nature in the dance of Isadora Duncan. So, the dancers danced barefoot and expressed movement simply.

The Classical Ballet was very complicated and elaborate, but modern dance of Isadora Duncan was the completely opposite. The movement was very simply and the dancers danced very freely. Therefore, technology and expression were not considered very important. Instead this, it was very important to express emotion in the dance. So, the dancers expressed their emotion very well. The Classical Ballet hadn’t variety costumes and most dancer weared tutu. But the modern dance used freely that wants to express in performance. So, the costumes of modern dance were very various and fit well performance.

Also, costumes were very comfortable. The most women weared long skirts. Costumes and movements of the modern dance was very free like dance was free.The modern dance of Isadora Duncan choreography was very slow and smooth and gesture was big. The most of the movements consisted of jumping and turning. Also, the musical accompaniment was grand orchestra and the value was theater. The music was very important because dancer danced according to dance in modern dance. Also, the audience was aristocrats to have time in classical ballet, but the audience of modern dance was all people that wanted modern dance.

Classical ballet and modern dance of Isadora Duncan have completely opposite expressions. So, when you see the performance, you can see the difference very easily between the classical ballet and modern dance of Isadora Duncan. They had different expressions, different movements, different costumes. Also, classical ballet was very strict and modern dance of Isadora Duncan was very free. When we see both dances, we can know differ dance styles and popular dance according the times.

The classical ballet and the modern dance of Isadora Duncan are so different but it has some similarities. Both all get many popularities during the time and were influenced by previous dances. Especially, the classical ballet evolved from romantic ballet. Also, dancers have similarities that convey many stories through their emotion expression.

Like this, dance has completely different way of expression and similar way of expression. Dance can be very various and express many things. It dances give a lot of influence now dance. We create dance and born new dance by the classical ballet and modern dance of Isadora Duncan continue to evolve.


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