Dance changed over the many years but overall

Dance has existed since the dawn of human civilization, it has taken many forms and changed over the many years but overall dance has remained part of life. Dance is most commonly used as an expression of emotion whether you’re happy or sad there is dance for you. One dance in particular captures the soul of late 19th and early 20th century America, and is still danced today! This dance is country-western style.

Country-western is a social dance because of the interaction with two people. This dance is most commonly performed by a male and female. This style has a wide variety of dances within it such as: East-coast swing, West-coast swing, Two step, Waltz, and many more. While many of these dances aren’t wildly popular they do remain an example of the American past, from cowboy boots to blue jeans this is the American west. This style of dance has its roots mostly centered around western states as the name would imply, though it seems it has some similarities to Irish clogging.

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Similar to Irish clogging there are very few incorrect way to interpret this dance. Country-western has so many interpretations there is no correct way to actually do this dance. It is most common to see this dance in modern day Texas as this was it’s birthplace .

In these modern day dance floors you will see, just as it was years ago that the more progressive dancers will use the outside-floor while the non-progressive dancers most commonly use the outer corners. Line dancers can be seen in the center as they are commonly more skilled than the other dancers there. In most country-western dances the male takes the lead and will set the pace of the dance.

Although, it’s not uncommon for the female to be the more skilled dancer thus using a push and pull guiding technique to guide the dance along. It is obvious that country-western was rather popular in rural America, so popular that it was not uncommon for barns to have an additional room not for animals, but for country-western style dance. Today’s most popular version of country-western style, which is still often taught in schools across America is called square-dancing. Unsurprisingly just like the rest of country-western style there are many interpretations of square-dancing. The form that is taught is referred to as Modern Western square dance this dance is derived from the styles found in Texas throughout the 19th century. This style can sometimes be seen in other countries outside the U.

S. due to WWII. Americans abroad fighting in Europe missed country-western dancing, so many brought the dance with them and danced abroad, leaving occupied territories with some American dance styles, in Venice there are several country-western style dance clubs from the influence left during the occupation. Country-western is a flatfoot dance meaning that it is not very movement intense which is why it is commonly taught in schools to young children across America. Despite there being no wrong way to actually do this dance, lots of upper body movement is largely looked down upon by many who enjoy this dance. Instead, the movement is in your feet where you can dance at whatever pace, essentially however you want.

In conclusion, Country-western was and in some places still is a very popular form of dance in the United States and remains a symbol of 19th century America. Dancing has changed a lot and country-western style certainly isn’t the dominant dance across the nation, but it has left a lasting impact on many. It isn’t the hardest or even the most exciting dancing but is history and for anyone looking for a little piece of it’s nations culture here it is country-western style dancing, a style unforgettable and very awkward without a partner. Overall, it is easy to be unaware of the impact dancing as a whole has had on the world. That’s why it is good to take a step back and focus on a style of dance that may not have shaped the world.

Instead shaped a part of a nation that would go on to shape the world as we know it, Country-Western style.


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