D. cancer, inflammation, vaccination and some other diseases.

D. Fabeinne et al. (2012), the most lactic-co-glycolic acid polymer which is successfully developed. Some different polymers are mixed and form polymeric nanoparticles. Lactic-co-glycolic acid polymer is able to attention due to its following properties: (a) Lactic-co-glycolic acid polymer having attractive property biodegradability as well as biocompatibility. (b) Medicine authority of European and FDA gave permission in system of parenteral administration for drug delivery. (c) Some method are adopted for the production of different kinds of drugs through formulation such as hydrophobic and hydrophilic large or small molecules. (d) The drug is protect from degradation. (e) Possibility to give continuous release. (f) Chance to enhance of interaction everywhere of surface properties of drug materials or biological materials. (g) The polymeric nanoparticles is targeted to particular those organs. The above data shows the importance of why to adopted poly lactic-co-glycolic acid for nanoparticles to design as drug in different these applications as cancer, inflammation, vaccination and some other diseases. This is also target to understand of particular properties explain by nanoparticles based poly lactic-co-glycolic acid and focus on particular organ.


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