Cyber crime is defined as the official crime that is getting aggressive over the online and becoming a threat Internet users. Social media are part of life for a major portion of an Internet user. Almost every internet users have at least one account in different social network sites. The rapid growth of Internet use in Asia, including a tenfold or more increases in access in China, Indonesia and India since 2002 has also been accompanied by significant increases in cybercrime. The development of commercial-scale make use of the toolkits and criminal networks that focus on monetization of malware have amplified the risks of cybercrime. The expansion in Internet participation a drastic rise cybercrime and information security problems have occurred in Japan, South Korea and greater China since 2005. Cyber crime get the benefits of the anonymity, privateness and connection provided by the Internet, therefore intruders can attack the foundations of our modern information society. Cyber crime involved computer viruses, botnets, Denial of Service attacks, hacktivism, malware, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cyber terrorism, cyber pornography and spam.


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