Cultures before but unfortunately, haven’t had a chance

Cultures are customs and objects identifying a particular group. Material culture includes food, building, currency, tools and raw food.

Non-material culture comprises language, gestures, values, beliefs, and norms. Learning about different cultures have broadened my knowledge. Now I know that different hand gestures have a different meaning in different culture. I will never make a circle with my thumb and index finger to say “okay” to people from Tunisia because that hand gesture means “I’ll kill you” in their culture. This chapter has taught me that different approach needs to be taken for patients from a different culture. I do however want to be a part of a hiking club. I have looked up hiking clubs before but unfortunately, haven’t had a chance to participate in their group activities.

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I particularly like the hiking club because hiking is something I want to do in my leisure time. They are kid friendly and an opportunity to visit scenic locations. I would love to join the hiking club member in their next hiking location. I would not joint Polar star crew because I am not very good with cold weather and snow. I am also terrible with sea and ships.

I am born and raised in a beautiful valley of a land-lock country, Nepal.I would prefer to be a part of oncology nursing society. It is a non-profit membership organization. The members in this society come from the different profession, practice areas, and subspecialty. The people who can become a member of this society are registered nurses, staff nurses, advanced practice nurses, case managers, educators, researchers and consultants and other healthcare professionals. This society provides continuing nursing education under the accreditation of the American Nurses’ credentialing center. They provide education online and in person. They teach regarding the latest cancer treatments and symptoms management techniques.

They conduct both in person and e-conferences. The society has participated in a variety of advocacy activities. They have signed a statement to improve patients access to cost and quality of treatment.In my opinion, the nursing network on violence against women international is different from a typical hospital setting. Violence is a non-material,


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