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Jasper Jones is a coming of age, post-modern gothic mystery novel written by an Australian author named Craig Silvey, first published in 2009. The story is set in a fictional rural town in Western Australia in 1965. The novel outlines the story of Charlie Bucktin as the innocent thirteen-year-old protagonist, who is forced to rethink […]

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Don’t the one of Willa Cather collections, Obscure

Don’t judge the book by its cover. This phrase is an expression which means to direct someone to open their eyes and focus on the deeper aspects of the facts. In other words, it means that don’t judge anything by their first impression because something it is not what you think. Same as the story […]

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 1.      How has ‘formal equality’ of officialmulticultural policy overlooked and failed Aboriginal people? (Abstract)Politicians and indigenous philosophers have contrasting facets ofmulticulturalism in North America. Such conflicting views unable to identifythe sui generis rights of nativepeople. Whereas, in the same way they failed to dictate the enduring finance, communaldifferences between original and immigrant people.  2.      What […]

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There is one such group which refers multiculturalism as traitor and invite ridicule. According to them, the blacks and browns are the society spoilers .They are of the opinion that banning third world immigration and European immigrants can make Canada multicultural nation.According to me, instead of what we were; we need to focus on what […]

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This paper will examine the contemporary political climate of the Southern African country now known officially as the Republic of Botswana. For context, the study will compare colonial and postcolonial rule, and the effects they have had on shaping the country that exists today. To that end, the paper will first consider how Botswana originally […]

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