Culture group, not invented by the individual; the

Culture is characteristic of groups. The rules of a culture are shared by the group, not invented by the individual; the rules of the group which are passed on from one generation to the next form the core of the culture. It is a mistake to confuse individual differences with group cultural differences. Every person develops a unique personality as a result of their personal history; and at the same time develops within a cultural context with some behavioral characteristics that are shared with other members of the group. Culture is learned. No one is born acculturated; rather, we are born with a biological capability to learn. What people learn depends upon the cultural rules of the people who raise them. Some rules are taught with words: “Hold your fork in your right hand, and your knife in your left.” Other rules are demonstrated by actions: when to smile, how close to stand when talking to someone. Because culture is learned, it is a mistake to assume a person’s culture by the way
s/he looks. Someone can be racially black and culturally Irish. A person can also become bi-cultural or tri-cultural by learning the rules of cultures other than his or her own primary group.


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