CULTURAL the least. I chose CHINESE in diverse population

CULTURAL DIVERSITY                                   29th January 2018

Module: 1.1 A Communication

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By: Crissy Jane C. Ponce



Auckland is New Zealand’s most
crowded city and it is known for having a huge multicultural mix, with the
biggest Polynesian population in the world. The amount of Asians and other
non-European immigrants has been increased throughout the last decades due to
immigration, and the shifting restrictions directly or indirectly based on
ethnicity. As recorded in the last 2013 European has the highest ethnic group
of people which is 789,306, they identify themselves as New Zealanders, mainly
to a significant grow of numbers in Europeans.  Asians has the second rank ethnic group which
is 307,233. Pacific Islander got the third place of 194,958. Maori got the
fourth places of 142,770. Middle Easterners/Latin Americans/Africans got the
least. I chose CHINESE in diverse population in Auckland because they are the
largest Asian ethnic group and one of the wealthy Asian here in New Zealand.




FILIPINOS –   We Filipino culture is a mixture of the East
and West. Most of these effects are results of previous colonization, obtaining
mainly from the culture of United States and Spain. We Filipinos have a very
eccentric type of culture. One culture of Filipino that can be seen here in
Auckland is that Filipinos love to eat. Aside from breakfast, lunch, and
dinner, Filipinos manage to crush in a little meal in between too. Whether we
eat an hour or every three hours we enjoy every bite. Filipino love to sing
too. We spend quality time to our families and friends singing or binding out
new and old songs.


CHINESE -When we think of Chinese culture in
Auckland the first thing that comes to our mind are lion dancing and fireworks
of Chinese New Year. It is getting bigger into a great event all over New
Zealand, and because of that many visitor from china comes to Auckland every
year to celebrate. Furthermore, Dragon boating and Tai-Chi exercise is also part
of Chinese culture. Lantern Festival is also known as one of the Chinese influence
on New Zealand too.




FILIPINOS – We Filipinos value our family. We
have known as a “close family ties” that is very noticeable until today which
can be seen how much we value our family. This close family ties thing can also
be seen in our very own television shows, entertainment in movies and even
music too. We are very family-oriented people. One good examples are the OFW’s
that work abroad to earn money for our family who staying in the Philippines.
It means that although we are far away, we still think and support our family.
We are motivated to finish our work and support what we have left in the


CHINESE – One of the values of Chinese is
Educational success. Most Chinese here in Auckland study and allocate status by
occupation rather than wealth, and for scholars with highest status reserved.
They achieved this status by passing the exams. Chinese parents usually play an
active character in their children’s education. They push them to achieve more
while also supporting them to do it. Chinese believe that success or failure cast
back and could be a huge impact with the family.



When it comes to “Elders” Filipinos and
Chinese people have the same deep respect for their wisdom. In traditional and
modern families elders are taken care of and respected by the rest of the
families. Many grandparents live with their children and kids and when the
elders die the families will do esteem by altars in homes, with candles and




FILIPINOS – One of the most popular attitudes
of Filipinos is being hospitable. My friends and colleagues from other
nationality gets falling in love with the warm hospitality we are shown. One
very good example is when they visit to our house or flat, we greet them with a
very warm welcome. We immediately let the visitor to seat down and will prepare
a meal or snack and drinks for them. We insist our friend to not leave the
house with an empty stomach. We always make sure that the visitor had a great
time visiting us.


CHINESE – One of the attitudes of Chinese
about money habit is known as “cash gifts are the best”. During New Year or
Birthday Chinese normally gets cash gifts and they end up saving. They
considered it the best gift because the receiver can do anything with the
money. They usually put it on a red envelope this are the standard gift for any
celebration because for them red color is lucky. 



When it comes to money Chinese and Filipino
people are the same. They save as much as possible they preferred to keep their
money than to buy something for themselves. For them haggling is a way of life.
If they want to go in store they always look for a bargain items to save money.



FILIPINOS – Filipinos is full of superstitions
and beliefs. One example is New Year’s Eve celebration that most Filipinos wear
polka dots dress because for us polka dots represent money (coins) and will
bring luck and fortune to us. And the other one is we serve and eat 12 kinds of
round fruits during New Year’s eve dinner because for us each type of fruits
represent the 12 months of the coming year and therefore good fortune.


CHINESE – Chinese beliefs about good luck
comes to superstitions and range from auspicious colors and fateful numbers. Red
is considered lucky in many aspects of Chinese culture. They like red color for
traditional weddings to symbolize the happiness and joyous times to come for
the bride and groom. Numbers is important role in Chinese beliefs about luck.
Even numbers and pairs considered them lucky and positive. For instance, number
4 is considered death and need to be avoided. And nine is the luckiest number.



Chinese and Filipinos in Auckland are still
believes of superstitions that came from popular symbolisms like numbers,
colors and shapes.




FILIPINOS – I find Filipinos here in Auckland very
dedicated to their job role. Most Filipinos came here to study and to build a
pathway through jobs opportunity especially in skilled-works. Most Filipinos
work in Hospitality industry, Health Care, Labors, and Trades Industry. We
Filipinos are very helpful with each other as we got it from our inheritance in
our birth country.


CHINESE – I find Chinese people here in
Auckland very friendly and approachable. They always smile even they meet you
in the first time, they are very easy person. Most Chinese in Auckland are
wealthy due to their hardworking and devoted to their education and job. Chinese
parents always make sure that their family members are preferment.



Most of the Chinese and Filipinos are devotee
with the food. Chinese people built restaurant in Auckland with their own
cuisine and culture. They loved to express and share their culture food to
others and to have a good business. In Dominion Road Mt. Eden is where we can
visit and try some Chinese, Indian, and Filipino Restaurant here in Auckland
they called it little China town in Auckland.




My strategy for my Chinese client is to greet
his/her with a smile. When it comes to a room I will not allocate room that has
number 4 because for Chinese 4 is considered death and needs to be avoided. I
offer them to wear color red dress or shirt to remind them that red is lucky.



I will learn how to speak simple words of Mandarin
and Cantonese language for my client to feel them comfortable and talk them
soft and calm.



To conclude Auckland is what we call a super
diverse city, factual in terms of the international surveys and migrant
populations have shown that New Zealanders are warmer, in one way or another
they are warmer to people from other countries then elsewhere. One of the
cultural diversity measured is the food. I believe that Auckland is doing well
and many immigrants will come to motivate themselves to share their skills and
to have a good life.







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