Cultural First we meet Justin, plastic surgeon, 35

Cultural Impacts of Reality Television
Million Dollar Matchmaker: The TV show
“The Ken Doll and the Cliff Diver” (Originally aired 8/7/ 2016)
“The Princess and the Man Boy” (Originally aired 15/7/ 2016)
Million Dollar matchmaker is an American reality television series written by Patti Stranger. She founded the Beverly Hills “Millionaire’s Club” in 2000 to cater for wealthy men who were looking for dating partners. This reality show was to match single wealthy people with potential spouses.

First we meet Justin, plastic surgeon, 35 underwent various surgeries spending millions of dollars. He wants attention and believes that he will find this at The Millionaire’s club. His first date Claudia, 48 from Colombia married four times finds a guy thinks he is cute and goes. She gets set up with Justin who says he needs somebody who can mentor him. Their first date did not go well as Justin appeared to be more talkative denying the counterpart a chance to have a say.

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Next on this episode, Patty’s mission is to break him of the terrible habit of his Physical appearance dominating his body. Love does come from the heart. It’s a soul to Soul connection and Justin should break from the art of his love for attention. In argument with this statement, “Media contains the primary fund of ideas that inform our daily lives, sometimes exerting a more compelling influence than family, friends, school or work.”{Russell, 2017, p. 125) this statement is brought out when Patty strongly advocates for the need of acceptability and that Justin, who was her first date should accept his body the way it is and give other people the chance to explore him too the way he is. Patty preaches some tough love and Justin agrees that he will change for the better.

On the other hand we see Claudia. Patty believes that Claudia keeps going back to her previous life trying to re-invent herself and doesn’t know what she wants for herself. She has had 6 engagements and 4 marriages. Patty takes Claudia up high to a building and asks her to jump off the roof to show her how she jumps from relationship to relationship. This episode does bring out the argument that scholars suggested saying that media has more impact than our day to day human counter parts. Also, this reality show clearly demonstrate that people will really go on to far depths in life just to gain that spot in the society. Here we see Justin who has undergone a number of surgeries and has spent an awfully large amount of money in order to be an awesome personnel.

The second episode, The Princess and the Man boy. Checking into the Millionaire’s club on the next episode was Inge, a former princess who was refused by her ex-prince and Matt, a comedy guy who uses humor to mask vulnerability. Before the host, Patty meets with the new clients at hand, she is met by her work exes. Ex-employees Rachael and Destin are back and want to work again with Patty. In this episode Princess Inge is forced to throw her baggage away into a fire, together with her precious crown. Matt is being watched on spy cams in order to test whether he will quit his un-beckoned dating behavior as he uses his jokes to deflect intimacy. Patty’s team recruit two dates for each of the Millionaires whereby they will go on the same date at least twice in order to explore which date is more compatible in same situations.
The Royal princess is forced to leave back her past and focus on a greater future. In my opinion this gesture shown on TV does bring up a big influence out in the modern day society as compared to word of mouth by either a family relative, a friend or a teacher in school. This episode clearly brought out the fact that a deep-seated cultural anxiety can be broken.
The fact that Princess Inge burns her royal belongings and even throws away her royal crown, a big impact on our modern society is brought out that nothing can hold us behind, not even our cultural backgrounds. The two episodes in this show that there is a need for the society to have a thought and not only think of a single party but also consider the other party that you are with more than the way we think of ourselves. The culture of togetherness is important in modern day world that we live in. As illustrated by Patty accepting back her ex-employees, we ought to embrace the same too and accommodate those whom we deem not to in good terms with and appreciate one another. Patty Stranger advocates the need for love in this reality TV show as shown in the Daily Newspaper. CITATION Eth16 l 1033 (Sacks, 2016)
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