Cultural disarray if not addressed accordingly. This also

Cultural diversity has a significant influence in our society being the main foundation ofmulticulturalism.

Different countries has their own heterogeneous cultures that composed ofdiverse qualities involving language, race, ethnic group, beliefs, social background, etc.,interactions of which impact several aspects of the society that could cause disarray if notaddressed accordingly. This also affects the health care system since majority of the healthprofessionals as well as the patients originated from various cultural background. Recognition,comprehension, and acceptance of the cultural differences provide better outcome in bridgingthe gap to promote a homogenous society.According to an article cited in Ausmed Education, health professionals should render aculturally-appropriate and culturally-sensitive care when attending to patients (AUSMedEducation, 2016).

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At times, this could be a challenging task for them as they need to consider thestandard medical practices and perform within the framework. Therefore, it is important todistinguish one’s individual perception and preference as a form of respect to others. Forinstance, as a part of their belief Jehova’s Witnesses forbid blood donation and/or transfusionof all blood products. There are certain belief or tradition that can affect with the decisionmaking of a patient, subsequently, can interfere with the medical management.

In this case, itis critical that a health professional acknowledges the patient’s preferences and coalesce withthe existing policy and procedures. Understanding their cultural background and preferencesthrough effective communication can individualised their needs which can overcome barriersand other difficulties dependent on cultural difference.Relating to effective communication, this is essential in one organisation because it reinforces aculturally-diverse environment through collaborative efforts of health professionals indelivering quality health care services that support the social needs of patients. Nurses have adirect encounter in cross-cultural interactions, aside from patients are variety of healthIRNRN105ACarmina M. Tiangco GRP 9.

182professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, social workers, etc. Awareness of this diversityequips them to integrate the link from the patients to other health team member whichcontributes to a positive health outcome for all involved.On the other hand, lack of diversity awareness can adversely affect patient health outcome.

Consider this as an example, a nurse is ministering one member of a family who is a firmbeliever of alternative medicine. If the nurse is incapable of recognising the cultural backgroundof the patient caused by ineffectual data gathering (e.g. medical or social history taking), thetreatment the patient had prior to proper medical consultation might alter the efficacy of therecommended treatment plan. Therefore, cultural competence greatly impacts the delivery ofquality health care.Diversity does not just encompasses culture and race, it also revolves around ethnicity, gender,religion, and disability as stated in an article (eNotes, 2018). A culturally health care systemyields a comprehensive quality patient-centred care focusing on its wholeness with regard tothe key areas that might control their health outcome. Ethnicity is depicted as the socialbelongingness in a group with common traditions and social lifestyle.

Gender diversity is notjust mere men and women, it is also inclusive of different sexual orientation such as LGBTQ andtransgender. Religious diversity means respecting their belief by integrating them to theirtreatment plan. Disability involves accommodating any condition that aids a person in achievingoptimal health. Nevertheless, one must be treated equally in all forms to promote a culturallysensitive environment, especially in the health care system.


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