Critical skill that each and every individual

Critical reasoning can be simple described as involves the ability to actively and skillfully conceptualize, analyze, question and evaluate ideas and beliefs. This is an important skill that each and every individual required in day-to-day life. (Thomson, 2009)We all engage in the process of reasoning, but we don’t always pay attention to whether we are doing it well. At first we had to analyze the questions that we had during working on this project. Who is your audience and what are you going to present? These were one of the huge challenging questions that we were to apply critical reasoning. However we understood the audience but we couldn’t understand their knowledge level.

So we decided to approach the relevant lecturer regarding this issue and soon after she brought out her ideas. As the lecturers request and idea we decided to address our audience about ICT. This is how we actively analyzed each and every question and came up with ideas and applied critical reasoning.

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