Creationism and evolution have been undoubtedly a controversial debate for decades now, inevitably leaving many individuals on one side or the other. Creationism argues faith should take precedence over science, basing its beliefs on one book for guidance, the Bible. God created the habitable earth and everything on it, allegedly completing in six days. Evolutionists typically believe the earth is considerably older than the Bible adequately describes. Basing their beliefs purely on science and that all plants, animals and humans represent a result of an inevitable progression called evolution.
According to evolutionists, the earth developed approximately 4.5 billion years ago, with the explosion of abundant life beginning around 55 million years ago. Evolutionists presume the starting of life began as inorganic particles that underwent a natural transformation (through electricity or heat) to become organic molecules. These building blocks joined to form macromolecule chains that eventually made up organisms.


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