CPEC otherwise it will ultimately harm its

CPECis considered as a game changer for Pakistan because it will not only boost theeconomy of Pakistan but also become the trade route for central Asia which willfurther enhance its relationship with other neighbor countries of the region.It will bring lots of job opportunities as well as investment in Pakistan andwill eradicate its energy crisis. No doubt it will have many benefits forPakistan but on the other side it will also has some negative impacts onclimate of Pakistan.Climatechange is one of the biggest threat in the modern times as it has a significantconsequences on health, agriculture and natural resources etc. out of manynegative impacts few are discussed below:·       Depletion of water resources due to more consumption whichwill lead to water crisis in the near future.·       Air pollution because of surge in automobiles andindustrial operation and the smoke coming out of them will settle on Glacierswhich will pollute the water which in turn damage the agricultural system andas a result the economy of Pakistan will suffer.·       Increased emission of greenhouse gases due to industrialpollution. The increased emission of greenhouse gases affects the Globalwarming which causes the glaciers to melt at a higher rate and Pakistan hasinsufficient number of dams and those which are available don’t have sufficientstorage capacity and as a result there is an increased risk of floods in thenearby areas.

Due to the faster melting of glaciers soon Pakistan will bedeclared as water scarce Nation.·       The people of Gilgit Baltistan solely rely on tourism andnatural resources which will be severely affected by this project.Allthese issues will be faced by Pakistan when CPEC will operate at full swing dueto the changing consumption patterns and climate change.

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The inability toaddress these situations will result in extremely high cost in future.Therefore it is necessary to take such steps to achieve environmentallysustainable economic development in CPEC otherwise it will ultimately harm itsown National interest as well as international climate change and globalwarming.


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