Coworking is a fast growing, a popular concept all over the world. Coworking is a modern phenomenon – and here to stay. This is the age of entrepreneurs and freelancers and people with an active imagination, re-imagining the world. Thus creating a unique workspace that becomes a versatile ground for creativity

and collaboration. Excella altogether is a nature-inspired coworking office space in Baner where you can work in the spacious open garden to filter the stress and hustling vibes from work.

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Excella is a vibrant coworking space in Pune, with natural light, and forest-inspired greenery which increases the happiness and productivity of co-workers. We offer Space to create, collaborate and connect to open up the mind to the infinite possibilities of creation.

We offer office spaces where ideas meet execution. We foster an experimental environment that emphasizes openness and collaboration.

Excella coworking space is designed to bring together diverse ideas, skills, people under one roof. Giving them the flexibility they need while they go in pursuit of their dreams.

We are passionate about creating communities of talented, interesting and clever humans that are following their passions. So why not join us?


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