Countries have been competing against each other

Countries have been competing against each other for as long as there have been other countries to compete against. The industrial revolution brought a new age of competition, however, with competitions in medicine, technology, and education. Russia launched the first artificial satelite in 1957. This started both the space age for the world and the infamous American-Soviet space race. Just over five years after the Soviet satellite launch, U.S. President John F.

Kennedy spoke a powerful message to the people of Rice stadium in Houston, Texas with the hope of persuading Americans to support the mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also called NASA sending a space craft to the moon. Kennedy uses the tactics of using syntax and ethos. Kennedy starts by attempting to establish credibility with the audience made of students by using ethos. Kennedy states he has been made an “honorary visiting professor” and claims that his “first lecture will be very brief”.

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He puts himself into the position of a professor to convey to the audience that he is attempting to teach them something important and to open their minds to him. He then takes the period of 50,000 years of human existence and compresses it into fifty years. The last ten years is when humans started progressing, according to his standard. He states how we, humans, started with the advanced learning of “using skins of animals to cover them” and then developed “penicillin and television and nuclear power”.


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