Corporations about gender in the workplace takes place,

Corporations Should Invest in Hiring Women in Workplace
Do you know that in general people like to discuss gender in the workplace? Every day when the question about gender in the workplace takes place, it does not leave the table without a big argument about women. Most people say they make an allegation against men who are rich and popular in the workplace and they like to follow trends and do the same thing. Therefore, men end up by advising each other in order do not hire any women because once women ask for something and they don’t get it or might get fired due to the wrongdoing, they will leave right and so upset and then start making an allegation against men about sexual assault. Regardless of all those negatives ideas about women, corporations should invest in hiring women because in general, they are effective team players, multi-taskers, and they are efficient.
First of all, corporations should invest in hiring women because they are effective team players. Teams are designed for diverse reasons. They may need to present a one-time project or work collectively on an ongoing basis. Either way, taking advantage of a group’s collective strength and creativity, the team can accomplish enough in a shorter time. To understand the role of the team player, this portion provides the way women interact with the team member at the workplace. “Approach your colleague with friendly questions, rather than accusations. Even if you aren’t in a leadership position on the team, consider this a good opportunity to practice your leadership skills. You might ask: ‘What else is going on for you right now?’ or ‘What’s motivating you?’.” (qtd. in Carolyn 2-5) This is the way women usually do when they have to manage a team in the workplace. There are many thinks women perform better than men in their job. One of women skills is that they frequently draw together opinions and proposals, and unit people by their communication. Managing co-workers, bosses and today many companies put on women’s shoulders sensitive tasks which include customer service, sales, business pitches and so on. Philbin asserts about hard-to-teach skills “these ‘soft’ skills, such as the ability to communicate and work in teams, are call ‘core skills’ and are ‘hard to-teach’ skills that many girls have naturally.” (qtd. in Clare 12-15). For example, women are more engaged as employees and headers in the workplace by encouraging the personal development of their co-workers and their bosses and then professional. Also, they do some amazing things like pushing the team to keep chasing the talent they have inside and remind them they can bring it out with enough effort. Furthermore, they are a good listener by focusing on what team member are saying and have the ability to put themselves in their shoes, moreover building confidence and respect by listening to the opinion of every team member. Not only the skill empathizes and listening but also the time management which helps them to avoid submitting an assignment late especially when they have to manage a team in order to give feedback or present to an audience. To sum up briefly, corporations should invest in hiring women because they are a good team player. In the same way, it is also necessary to look at their multi-task side.
Without multi-task in the workplace, it is difficult for any organization to reach the top of his goal, and this is one of the things women are good at. In fact, multi-task takes place when many activities are getting done simultaneously. Multitasking itself is a complicated process. Many assume it can’t even be done! But in order to master powerfully multitasking, it’s essential that the tasks that need to be accomplished have some similar thread. In offices, multitasking is getting more and more important in daily activity. Those are in general processing reports, answering income email or telephone. Women are able to switch task similar. To further understand the role of multitasking, this section explores a few ideas that women can handle. For instance, in the household, while cooking a meal, they simultaneously look after children and have to answer the phone. “Some theorists claim women’s multi-tasking skills emerged during our hunter-gatherer phase, when men developed more focused, hunting-related skills, while women, gathering food and looking after children, were under pressure to juggle tasks” (Fernandez 17). Therefore, a woman is able to read a book, feeding a baby while she is watching a movie. They are so productive and like to challenge themselves by doing multiple roles simultaneously. “Men were slower and less organized than women when switching rapidly between tasks in tests by UK psychologists. Both sexes struggled to cope with juggling priorities, but men suffered more on average, according to the paper in the journal BMC Psychology.” (Morgan) Most employer request to perform multi-task on the list of responsibilities or skills the employee should have. And women are the best fit because they have this natural skill. In order word, they present a higher level of task organization. Therefore, companies should invest more in hiring women in the workplace for their success.
Finally, corporations should invest in hiring women because they work more efficiently. Being efficient is achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. An efficient worker utilizes the most of each moment of the day, giving his or her entire concentration to the most important duties first. Staying efficient at work won’t just improve productivity and gain points with his manager – it’ll also make feel performed, accomplished that the workday has had a complete and productive. And is it what women are good at. For example, writing things downs and putting it on paper is one of their productivities. They like to outline their issues by creating a list of all possible solutions to accomplish tasks, ideas, and projects. Another line of thought on women’s efficient demonstrates that they are more organized. Keep a clean, orderly workspace by arranging office space and desk so that they can quickly and easily find whatever they need to work. When it comes to getting a work done, the first they do is to make sure to schedule time and turn off distractions. Employees in large organizations produce daily many email, presentations, documents. The production of repetitive documents can lead to hours of unnecessary work without a document automation system. Automated document workflows optimize the document creation process, which increases workplace compliance and efficiency. In the most part of those kinds of work, women are highly represented and track the enterprise productivity to the next level. “In 2012, women accounted for 52 percent of all workers employed in management, professional, and related occupations, somewhat more than their share of total employment (47 percent). The share of women in specific occupations within this large category varied. For example, 20 percent of software developers and 31 percent of lawyers were women, whereas 61 percent of accountants and auditors and 81 percent of elementary and middle school teachers were women” (Myles 3).
To conclude, those details above have addressed a number of significant results which show how people prefer to discuss gender in the workplace. While they are focusing on the uninterested part of women in the workplace, is much better to study also on the positive side. Philbin claims “A lot of companies really want a diverse workforce but are not prepared to change things to achieve it.” (qtd. in Clare 12-15). Therefore, corporations should invest in hiring women because of their effective team players, multi-task, and efficiency.


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