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Continuous Quality ImprovementNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Continuous Quality ImprovementContinuous quality improvement (CQI) is important in analyzing and evaluating healthcare processes and policies, which impact the quality and provision of healthcare services (Huber, 2017).

The most important aspects of healthcare are quality and access to healthcare, which can be improved through CQI strategies (Huber, 2017). This process is aimed at improving patient outcomes in the healthcare system. Continuous quality improvement also ensures improved patient satisfaction, which is a major objective of all healthcare systems. It is the responsibility of all nurses to implement continuous quality improvement strategies, which can be helpful when addressing challenges in the healthcare industry (Huber, 2017). In my current position as a registered nurse where I have been tasked with administration of medicine and providing care to patients, CQI can be applied through appropriate methods of addressing issues facing the process of caring for the patients (Huber, 2017). This can be achieved through proper communication channels between my department and other departments in the healthcare organization. This will ensure quality improvement as healthcare provision involves the collaboration of all healthcare departments, which are tasked with different responsibilities regarding a patient (Huber, 2017). Through proper communication channels, any hitches in the treatment process can be properly addressed with the suitable measures.

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It is also my responsibility as a registered nurse to perform my responsibilities in good faith and being ethical in my duties, which will improve the quality of services delivered to patients (Huber, 2017).Due to my responsibilities as a nurse in the healthcare facility, I am able to assess the status of the healthcare system as I am the bridge between patients and the management and I am able to determine healthcare processes in need of improvements (Huber, 2017). As a registered nurse, I can apply CQI by participating in the decision-making process in the healthcare management system where I can be able to give my opinions based on my experience in different departments in the healthcare facility (Huber, 2017). This will improve patient satisfaction through improved healthcare.

ReferencesHuber, D. (2017). Leadership and Nursing Care Management.

Saint Louis: Elsevier Health Sciences.


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