Consumers and it involves a little thought,

Consumers buying behaviour is the total sum of a consumers’ attitude, preferences, intentions, and decisions regarding on their behaviour in the market when purchasing a product. The study of consumer behaviour draws upon the Social Science discipline of Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology and Economics.(Grimsley, 2008).
According to (Grimsley, 2008), there are five standard behavioural model: problem recognition, information search, evaluation, purchase and post purchase evaluation. Problem recognition, where consumers will realize if they have some needs or wants which that they want to get. Information search, is to gather the information which is relevant to the needs of a consumer in order to solve a problem. Evaluation is to evaluate the needs, wants, preferences, and financial resources of a consumer for which is available for purchase. Purchase, where consumers will make their decision based on the price of the product. Post-purchase evaluation, where consumers will decide whether the product they purchased will satisfy them or not
Understanding the behaviour and purchasing decisions of a consumer is a best marketing tool. Some purchase decision are spur of the moment and it involves a little thought, where others will take months of deliberation, personal decisions can be made for personal reasons.
Others were socially influenced, such as wanting to buy the same brand of product what other consumers buy. Moreover, consumers buy a product for economic reasons.(Gartenstein, 2018).


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