Construction office activities in construction as a whole

Construction is one of the most risky anduncertain activity where changes occur at every step. These changes maygenerate material demands to be fulfilled at a short notice. The goal ofmaterials management is to insure that construction materials are available attheir point of use when needed.

The process of planning, executing andcontrolling field and office activities in construction as a whole is known asMaterial Management. The materials administration framework endeavors tosafeguard that the correct quality and amount of materials are fittinglychosen, acquired, conveyed and dealt with on location in a convenient way andat a sensible cost. Nowadays,successful management of construction materials has to be based on thorough andupdated information, and processed utilizing a well designed constructionmaterials management software. Effective construction materialsmanagement process is a key to success of a constructionproject. Construction materials constitute a major costcomponent in any construction project. Building materials account for 60 to 70percent of direct cost of a project or a facility, the remaining 30 to 40percent being the labour cost.

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The total cost of materials includes differentfactors such as manufacturer selling cost, the cost of purchase and placing, distributor’scost, the transportation of materials, and the site-handling costs. Purchase of goods and service is the needof every organization to carry out its mission and goals. key role in the successful completion of the work isefficient material purchase and handling. It is important for the contractor toconsider difference in the date when material was requested or date when thepurchase order was made, and the time at which the material will be delivered. Thesedeferrals can happen if the contractual worker needs an expansive amount ofmaterial that the provider can’t create around then or by some other factorsoutside his ability to control.

The contractual worker ought to dependablyconsider that obtainment of materials is a potential reason for delay. Four basic need of materialmanagement are·        To have adequate materials on handwhen needed·        To pay the lowest possible prices,consistent with quality and value requirement for purchases materials·        To minimize the inventoryinvestment·        To operate efficiently


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