Consequently, consensus building, it makes it very difficult

Consequently, barriers identified above are likely to have adverse effect on the team. “A business incapable of fostering effective teamwork faces an uphill battle as it attempts to serve customers or clients”. (George N. Root III).
Personal Values; where personal values breach consensus building, it makes it very difficult for decision making. It creates the room for debating even the least important, and may require thorough explanation and perhaps a discourse to get the understanding of team members to win their conviction. Personal values always keep the team lagging in event where there is the need to reach agreement.
Again, Personal values may also corrupt tolerance and consequently neglect. The individual may seem insecure and finally leaves the team or stays without significant input.
Problem Behaviour; this is likely to have several effects on the team. Respect for work, time and others bring the team together, and where it is deficient, it creates disintegration. Thus, the spirit of team work is marred and the best of results is not achieved.
Again, discrimination lessens the strength of unity, it loses the sense of belonging, and the best of ideas may not be harnessed to achieving the best of the team’s goals. Problem behaviour is a stumbling block to a team’s success to arriving a target both on time and quality of output.
Lack of Managerial Involvement; Managers are responsible for maintaining order and consistency even among the team. Management help to control and solve problems to still maintain that effective team. The effect thereof is that the team may live in a vicious cycle of problems without management attention. They are unable to deliver to expectation amidst diverse problems.
More also, in the lack of managerial involvement, the team feels insecure when it always “go and jump in the lake”. (Peter Hammond). They lost their sense of belonging to such an organisation, become reserve and finally affect it does the team’s output.
Poor Communication; Communication is very essential, a means to declare one’s intent and to elicit response, and get others cooperating. Poor communication undermines effective team working through breakdowns. It means that information is not carried well to get others’ feedback, hence not full involvement, and lapses are created in task execution, which might not yield the best of output.
Again, Poor communication impairs understanding, and where it leaves room for ambiguity, each find themselves doing their own thing void of cohesions and, or the team does things contrary to the objectives of the organisation.


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