Conformity well. This is a broad stage

Conformity is a social influence including an innovation in acceptance or behaviour in a way to fit in a group. For example, the pressure of social norms and the expectations and group pressure to bring change in behaviour. It can also come in a form of grasping certain principles or particular behaviours with positive and enticing stimuli. Compliance An individual that accepts the influence to gain a good reaction from a person or a group. The individual maintains to change behaviour to gain approval of others and to prevent disapprovals. Even though the person disagrees with the group.

Compliance discontinues if there is no pressure in the group to conform, this behaviour change is for a short time. Internalisation Where a person publicly changes their behaviour to fit in a group and also get along with them privately as well. This is a broad stage of conformity where people change in behaviour is enduring. Identification Happens when an individual accepts influence to provide or manage to succeed and not care what others will think about them. An individual conforms to the prospect of their career.

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Informational conformity This is when a person has a deficiency in knowledge and seeks help from the group. Also individual is uncertain in a place and socially to compare their behaviour with the people in the group. Normative influence Where a person feels the group pressure and conforms because they want to fit in and are afraid of rejection by the group. This form of conformity relates to compliance where the individual publicly agrees and not privately.


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