conducted paper not only contributes the rst empirical

conducted a research
and posts a nal draft citing that Backpacking
is a way of life. Within the social world of
backpacking, there exist a small proportion of
tourists who travel as a lifestyle for years on end.
seminal drifter
tourists, but subverting connotations of aimless-
ness implicit in this term, these extreme tourists,
who Ire conceptualize as lifestyle travellers, move
beyond an episodic consumption of backpacking.
Backpacking is instead extended to an ongoing
lifestyle practice that on a micro level provides
both a unique sense of self to its practitioners
and on a macro level comprises a distinct and
recognizable social identity. As such, the current
paper not only contributes the rst empirical
material to advance past speculative evidence
that backpacking can extend to a way life but
it also contextualizes this form of lifestyle travel
within a wider discussion in the social sciences
of how physical mobility can aect and challenge
the ways in which we experience ourselves, others
and places over time.


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