concluded During my period at the University,

concluded my degree in Information Technology from Zetech University in Kenya last year November. I happened to score just as I had expected (First Class) since I was one of the best students. I was due to my outstanding English that I was elected as the chairman of the University press to foresee and report on behalf of the entire organization. During my period at the University, I have had a chance to learn about many things through the internet and that is how I came to know about online writing. I did not have a difficult time venturing into the job due to my smart minds and proven English. I started working as a writer three years ago under an account owned by one of my friends in the university since I had not yet created my own account at that moment of time.
I at first was writing essays alone since they seemed to be the least complex of all for a starter. I have since then upgraded my skills in writing to a level of an expert. I have since last year been doing technical assignments mostly related to Information Technology and Computer Science. I have also had a chance to work on assignments requiring designing or graphics. I have a lot of experience working with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator where I can be able to do all assignments related to the same just as the student my wish. I also have a lot of skills when it comes to assignments to do with databases and programming in general. This for sure is due to my course in College where by database was one of the core units that we handled and I was one of the best students when it came to it.
About submitting my assignments, I understood the value of discipline where I had to keep my reputation by sticking to the rules. I have never failed to submit my tasks on time and this, on the other hand, has made me love the job and not brushed shoulders with anyone. All my assignment I usually make sure they go through plagiarism checkers and I have no fear by saying I am usually on point and I have never gotten myself above 10% plagiarism. However, there are other things that are of great value that I usually make sure that my document goes through before submitting. Grammarly software for that case cannot be left out by any writer and call yourself an expert.


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