Computers connected to billions of people on

Computers are one of the biggest technological advancement in human history.

It has brought us many benefits, and has made life for us easier. Now a day you can send a email around the world in a second. With one click of a mouse you are connected to billions of people on this Earth who have a computer. It has made it easier for us to be connected to our family members and listen to current news. On the other hand computers are changing how we find information. Books are now being used less and less all because the use of computers. Scientist in the University of Florida states that about 70 percent of the students do not go to the library any more to read books.

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A computer can range in sizes; some can fit in the palm of your hand, while others need their own space in the room. While books can range is size as well, for example a book of 800 pages can be pretty big and clunky, while a children’s book can be 10 pages, and can fit anywhere. The portability difference between the two is very different. A computer that fits in your back bag has access to million of book worldwide that have several of topics, and ideas that help the reader understand what he is reading. Computers also give the reader updated information, and information from years ago. While on the other hand a book that’s around 800-1000 will only cover its topic, and it will be information that was current when the writer wrote it.


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