Computer PHP, Java, SQL, where I sometimes

Computer scientists who are working hard behind the scene to rehash the difference of society &   positively impacting our world are my inspirations and I always wanted to be one of them. My choice of specialization has been greatly influenced by technology agitation. My graduation is in Computer Science at American International University-Bangladesh, one of the renowned universities in my country & has strong academics and faculties especially for my major.

My undergraduate CGPA was 3.46, especially in the last 60 credit hours, my CGPA was 3.65.I always tried to maintain the performance consistently with my hard work and perseverance. During my undergraduate years, I developed several academic groups and solo projects using C++, PHP, Java, SQL, where I sometimes led a team of 2/3 members.In my undergraduate, my thesis was focused on “how to find out an effective method for web advertising” based on two factors- targeting consumer behavior & filtering their approach, using data analytics, data model design and constructed a data algorithm. During my undergraduate study, I had joined in a project arranged by the Bangladesh Computer Society “computer science education system among the students of High schools & freshmen of undergraduate study”. Here I worked with a group of students of computer science background to investigate on their ways of demonstrating any logical problem, From this project, I am preparing myself to generate an education system in which many educational innovations can flourish and make a significant difference in educating future engineers.

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By creating Active Learning Technique system, how it will help them to form a deeper connection with a course and implement in real-world problem solving.After my graduation, January 2016 I have joined in SmartWebSource-software company. Here I have worked on information system design, construction & data analyzing. These have refined me to solve any challenge in a definite way & helped to develop my analytical vision.My research interests are mainly- STEM Education & Design, Data analytics, Information System.

Based on my research interest, I found that George Washington University has research facilities with excellent supervision of the faculty members; specifically after acknowledging the work of Professor Dr.Rahul Simha which is STEM education, construct algorithm for online learning and specially Professor’s thought of generating new ideas. Along with, GWU is renowned for its multicultural environment and dynamic diversity makes it a place to be your true self. So, based on these, I believe that Masters Program of GWU is a perfect fit for me. The world is moving with revolution like green technology for a better tomorrow and I would love to work for upbringing the society as I am strongly passionate about to provide it.

For success and fulfillment through excellence, with practical knowledge and experience, I am now ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of graduate studies and research at GWU Masters program on Computer Science and I would appreciate if you consider my application for the purpose


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