COMPUTER the experimental group and the control

Kristhyl Susvilla Estay, MaEd
City of Bogo Science and Arts Academy, Bogo Cebu
Contact Number: 0997 9769738
Abstract. The world of today is extremely changed and hooked on technology. John Dewey stated, that if teachers teach today’s learners as they taught yesterday’s, they rob them of tomorrow. His statement summed up the importance of technology instruction in education today. Several studies have recorded the effectiveness of computer-based instruction (CBI) in teaching learning process. Furthermore, the researcher is motivated to find out whether the use of CBI will affect the performance of the CBSAA Grade 8 students in Mathematics or not.
The researcher utilized pre -test – post – test method. A sample of 63 students was divided into two groups called the experimental group and the control group. An individual t -test in SPSS between the means of pre – test and post – test scores was put in place. The obtained t value was evaluated to the critical value to identify if there was a significant difference in student’s performance to both groups. The critical value was based on the given degree freedom of the independent t – test result to the t – value distribution.
As a result, from the obtained t value 2.269 before intervention increased to the obtained t value 9.664 after intervention. This means that the scores of the students who received the CBI was higher than the scores of the students who received the Math instruction in traditional setting in the classroom. With these analyses, the performance of the students is accredited to the mastery of the teachers in Mathematics affected by the type of instruction applied.

Keywords: CBI, technology instruction, intervention, pre -test – post -test

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