Competition its’ competitive advantage in recent years and

Competition in the food chains can be understood as the invisible war between modern fast food chains and hundreds of thousands of family-sized food shops in Vietnam. One of the advantages of local brand is the ability to satisfy strict requirement of local diners on traditional tastes. It is difficult for international brands to adjust ideas and concepts to suit the culture of Vietnam, while domestic brands are already appropriated to local people’s habit of eating. Vietnamese specialty food has begun to demonstrate its’ competitive advantage in recent years and contribute to create business competition between local brands and international brands. Diners in this country now more and more prefer to come back old day with traditional menus. Catching up the opportunity, a large number of restaurants have decided to volunteer in this field and a seriesof local food restaurants have been opened in cities area of this country.

Fast Food business is now one of the busiest businesses here in Batangas. The commercial development in the said city is becoming highly noticeable as businessmen continue to search for bigger and greater opportunities. They believe that the food business remains a good, if not the best investment.

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Aside from the catering businesses and restaurants around the city, fast food chain business also makes it big in the industry with the reasonable prices being offered that comes with extra related service. (Aranez et. al, 2011). The researchers as a regular customer of fast food had a quite interest how fast food starts, and the problems they encounter during their everyday operation. As Hospitality Management students they want to know what the establishments do to uplift customer satisfaction for they can apply it on their chosen career.


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