Compare that Endiku and Patroclus, from the stories,

Compare Enkidu and PatroclusBoth Endiku and Patroclus had great relationship with the kings of the past. Endiku is a close friend to Giglamesh-King of Uruk, while Patroclus was close to Achielle also a king, from the poem we get to know that it was Endiku who would advice the King on battles and would listen. Endiku in the episodes is being approached by Gilgamesh mother to protect him from the other enemies of the region and through this acts we find the attempt of Endiku trying to prevent king Gilgamesh from entering the forest where the monster-Humbaba was in an effort of protecting the king from harm which the king later follows. On the other hand, Patroclus is the only person who could convince Achillies to step out of a battle, this is retrieved from the laments by Zues who recognizes Patroclus to advice the king to exit a battle. Onother comparison also is the feminine roles that Endiku and Patroclus, from the stories, we get to know that Ekidu performed some feminine duties for example the preparation of the sleeping areas for the king and for the visitors to the king including the food for both of them both this case is similar to the Patroclus who did domestic chores around Achillis compound another comparison is that both Enkindu and Patroclus are killed and their death is mourned by the people in the region.Compare Achilles and Gilgamesh Both were leaders of their throne, they become best friends to men who are later killed with each mourning the loses, from the epic of the Greek poem we get to derive that upon Patroclus death, Achillies laments out that he had lost a dear companion whom he had loved beyond all the other companions. This is also similar to the case of Giglamesh who shows some form of despair of the loss of his close friend and a soul mate, as drawn from the epic one can argue that both of them are the subjects of failure due to the influence of ‘women’ in their life’s .

It is LOVE that controls their lives and the leaders cannot think for themselves. It is evident that women played role in the loss of different battles with their enemies and through the chapters both leaders become enlightened on the effects of this. The death of the close friends of both Gilgamesh and Achillies drives both leaders to be completely unthinkable – Gilgamesh puts a directive for monument building of his close friend and in the monument where chest stands should be of gold on the other hand also, Achiellis kills Hector and plans that the body be consumed by the creatures even though this does not succeed the effects of love controls them too much.Compare Agamemnon and Achilles Both the characters show revenge, from the epic stories we get to know how Achillies reacted to the death of his soul-mate Patroclus from the story we get to learn his mercilessness he kills the person who had killed Patroclus- Hector and shows his anguish of the death. It is then that he planned and promised his body would be consumed by the wild creatures it is through the deeds that he would restore his peace at heart. On the other hand also, this is similar to Agamemnon who does not show any gratitude to his brother and he reacts when his wife Helen is taken by Melanous and that he wants to take Brisies – Achilles wife because his was taken it is the avenge nature of the individuals that marks them.Even though the Greek culture see women as inferior and unwise compared to men it is evident that leaders of the past who focused their indulgence on women were defeated and lost in battles.

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There is need therefore for any leader to balance the view of love in his leadership to triumph.


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