Company foresight to understand the actions taken

Company Q’s perspective surrounding social responsibility projects a rather unfavorable position as a corporation and these sediments echo loudly in their respected community.
Recently Company Q removed two stores in their footprint, both located in high crime areas
With the reasons being they were losing money, Faith from the investors and employee morale was that a low. One would argue that the removal of these stores could further increase the crime in these areas. Company Q lost the opportunity to create a beacon of hope for the people in the area by Continuing to offer Jobs And this could have transitioned into community outreach. The company’s loss could have been minimal Due to the fact that both locations were in high-traffic areas in major cities. Consumers have asked for health oriented products For number of years before the company of Obliged the request But in Fairly limited amounts.Due to the company’s slow response This is created in area of customer dissatisfaction hurting the trust in the community.Unfortunately the company did not have the foresight to understand the actions taken thus far display a poor reflection of company values To the community and shareholders. these relations need to be improved and the company needs to take the initiative of becoming more socially aware to not only the community but also the shareholders. Donating to local charities would be an excellent start but the company’s management have rejected these requests. The distrust runs rampid with the company making claims that these charitable donations would be taken advantage of via fraudulent means And internal theft at the local level. This type of leadership could lead to bankruptcy All due to the lack of social responsibility


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Action 1

Company Q appears to be in dire need of a strong financial plan that includes goals and we can Identify Sub-optimal areas of return that will negatively impact investor Bottom line.Once we address sub-optimal areas of return the company will not make hasty decisions to close stores do to profit lost. The company also needs ethical oversight guidelines in place to help grow and promote a strong diverse ethical environment.Leading by example the management team should develop this plan, this would be an opportunity for management to make better decisions and it will send the sign that theft is not something the company will tolerate. Training should occur every 3 months or so schedule permitting and it should be some incentive eyes motivation for employees to carry out the new Guidelines. Employees will be the gas that powers the engine so it is important that everyone in the company gets involved, Upper and lower management included. With the combination of improving the company’s bottom line and adding an ethical guideline in place this should help improve company Q’s social responsibility

Action 2

Generally speaking consumers are becoming more and more aware their health as it stands to the products we consume. Do To the companies Delayed response on addressing Customers Desire for more Health oriented products This could have been viewed as the company’s lack of interest in responding to Consumers desires.These actions also hurt the company’s bottom line due to the fact that these are high-margin items. Company Q should do a better job listening to Consumers this would help in strengthening their relationship with the communities they occupy

By supplying the items customers ask for this can create a positive feedback loop in the supply and demand relationship. This can also encourage people to be more forthcoming with what they would actually want to purchase from the company, a small area and every location can be set up to accommodate this. These actions will allow the company to focus in on what the consumer actually wants and can help reduce cost by eliminating undesired items. If any of these items that consumers ask for are not available through the normal supply chain this would encourage the company to develop new relationships with other suppliers the company may have never done business with, This may also include local organic businesses .Having these types of relationships especially on the local level will help establish company Q as an ally to the local community

Action 3

The Last Action to discuss would be the company’s choice for making charitable food donations.The company making a distinctive choice to throw away food that could be donated Exhibits poor decision-making which intern exhibits horrible social accountability. The company should appoint a team to keep track of the donations both in the way of monetary donations and donations of leftover food. The creation of the steam should help keep employees/ management honest. These actions will display strong leadership skills to the investors while reflecting positively in the community.


The steps mentioned above should be taken by company Q, these actions should make the company more profitable and socially conscious. There are positive benefits in promoting an ethical work environment and giving back to the community. Hopefully the company will view this as strategic steps to enhance of companies perception, And make the changes sooner rather than later


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