Companies issues such as commercial secrets, internal

Companies and organizations are divided into several categories according to their ownership types as an instance, sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and others. The company, which we are representing you, is Aeroflot, which named as Public Joint Company.

Aeroflot one of the biggest air companies in Europe. One of the main founders of this company is the Government of the Russian Federation and legal people who own the rest of the stocks of the company. There are 11 main directors of Aeroflot, who are eligible for making important decisions regarding confidential issues such as commercial secrets, internal problems of company. There is a list of main directors of this organization.Mikhail PoluboyarinovChairman of the PJSC Aeroflot Board of Directors, First Deputy Chairman and Member of the Management Board at Vnesheconombank 2.Vitaly SavelievChairman of the Management Board, CEO 3.

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Sergey ChemezovCEO of Rostec State Corporation 4.Igor KamenskoyManaging Director, Renaissance Broker LLC 5.Yury SlyusarPresident of United Aircraft Corporation 6.Alexey GermanovichIndependent Director 7.Lars Erik Anders BergstromSenior Advisor at UB Capital 8.Dmitry PeskovDirector of the Young Professionals Programme at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives 9.Roman PakhomovCEO of Avia Capital Service 10.

Vasiliy Sidorov CEO of Arida 11. Mikhail VoevodinCEO of PJSC VSMPO-AVISMA CorporationStock Price Toggle buttonMoreover, there are quite a lot of numbers of shareholders who owns a part of stocks of Aeroflot. The Russian Federation’s Agency for Proper Management (Rosimushestvo) owns the biggest amount of stocks (51.2%) and other 45.2% are not controlled. The price of stocks are changing every minute.

Foreign holders are not very reliable because they can sell stocks at any time. Therefore, in my opinion there are various kind of advantages and disadvantages of Joint Stock Companies. For example, taxes, which not only company but also shareholders need to pay according to their profit.?


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