Communicative to speak and communicate with people of

Communicative language teaching consist of proficiency of language development through connections with other people entrenched in meaningful contexts. One learn language to speak and communicate with people of different language wit, and the other practice to use language in order to learn it. Child development theorist, Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, lent towards the way of thinking about language development. Piaget see language as a symbol system that could express knowledge acquired through interaction with physical world as for Vygotsky thought was essential internalised speech and speech emerged in social interaction( Lightbrown & Spada 2006: 20).

The speakers of English they saw the need to focus in language teaching on communicative proficiency rather than on mere mastery of structures. The need to articulate and develop alternative methods of language teaching that is considered a high priority. We should make communicative competence the goal of language teaching and to develop procedures for the teaching of the four language skills that acknowledge the interdependence of language and communication.

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