Communication running of the business’s day-to-day activities.

Communication serves as the foundation of every facet of a business. Therefore, it can be said that effective communication is the backbone of an organization.

Good communication in a business is important as it facilitates the effective running of the business’s day-to-day activities. This might be vital communication between the business and clients or just information within the various departments of the business. Poor communication within an organization results to disastrous effects such as loses as it could be that some critical communication was not made to the appropriate persons or departments for action to be taken in time.

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It is always necessary for an organization to foster good communication in it’s day to day activities. This creates openness and systems that lead to easy flow of information, ideas and feelings thus creating a sense of shared purpose within coworkers. This communication within a business is well fostered by the presence of departments case in point the Kenya Power and Lighting Company. Within KPLC, there exist several departments namely Customer service, Finance, Revenue, Information technology and telecommunication, Supply chain logistics and transport department, operations and maintenance, human resource, administration and the security departments all headed by different departmental heads.

This departments are each tasked with different roles that at the end of the day when put together are meant for the well being of the company. They are more like different human body parts that have different roles to play but aggregates to a common purpose. Failure of one may result to a body not being in good shape and if fatal, one can lose his life. To ensure the departments achieve the company’s aims, there has to be adequate, timely and efficient communication within the departments. This is well achieved during departmental heads meetings where they get to share ideas and formulate policies for the company. This is also shared by the heads of the departments to all the other staff via memos or mails.

With this, there is easy coordination as members work well in team works as the communication is good. This fosters interpersonal relation making staff members feel to be part of the organization. The IT department is tasked with building and maintaining communication systems within the organizations to enable the free communication flow between them. The administration department is also tasked with policy making for the company’s growth and profitability. Most of these policies are client tailored as they are mostly feedback from clients who feel some service is not being offered well and offer to advise on how best this can be done. This is facilitated by the Customer relations department.

Ideally, communication is really key in a business and without it or in instances of poor communication, one of the departments may be doing really well as the others struggle. At the end of the day, the business will suffer loses and might results to shutting down.


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