Communication progress works between both senders and receivers.

Communication means when you exchange information by speaking, writing or signs expressing behaviour, sharing ideas, thoughts or feelings.

The communication progress works between both senders and receivers. The exchange of information is what makes up the communication. There are many more elements that will affect the energy of the progress of communications, that is ones choice, for example via voice message, phone, fax, in person and email. To send any messages every individual will require to encode the message so it gets delivered.

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To receive any messages each individual will have to decode the messages in order to be understood. The encoding and decoding systems outcome may come in a breakdown in the communication. These methods are often influenced from our feelings, our thoughts, and our understanding, we have to be cautious of these factors and to contemplate to lessen the blockade of communication. When both senders and receivers have clarified the message, that means the same thing it is a result of achievement of effective communication, even if they do not agree about the matter.

The sender and receiver clarify the message in another way, the communication id inefficient. To communicate efficiently you will have to know where the communication breakdown will happen and to community in a certain way to decrease or remove the misconception. Being a good communicator is a two way thing to be a good communicator you have to be a good listener. It contains being perceptive to your own feelings and to other peoples feelings and to be focused on our communication ambition instructive. Good communication is the goal of creating and providing positive relationships.


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