Communication the different ways of communication as

Communication is the process of sending or receiving information. Communication is very important as it helps people to express their ideas and feelings. It happens everyday through many different ways.

For example, when texting on the phone or writing letters. We communicate constantly without even realising it. Our faces, posture and expressions send messages to others about how we are feeling or what our thoughts may be.

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It is very important that health and social care professionals know how to communicate effectively. They should have good communication skills in order to form positive relationships with others. If professionals cannot communicate effectively, it may threaten patients who not understand their way of communication and make them feel vulnerable.

This is why health care professionals should also know the different ways of communication as well as how to interact with patients in order to make them feel safe and happy. However, communication may not be as easy as you make think it to be. This is why health care professionals should learn and understand communication theories such as, Argyle’s stages of the communication cycle and Tuckman’s stages of group interaction.


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