Communication members are aware of the changes, also

Communication Goals and Approach I think as the project manager it is important that the communication is active with in the whole team. Making sure the team has a specific way of communicating with each other. I think some of the ways that can help with the communicating with in the time is by making sure that they all agree with a certain time to communicate with each other, it could be by a group chat or even meeting a certain time and place once or twice a week.

As time pass by the project has made progress, if there’s any changes that had or must be done they have to be approved. I think that if there’s a change that must be done they team members should discuss the changes and submit it the request as soon as possible, this way they will have enough time to adjust their plans as far as time needed to finish the project, budgeting changes if any. I think another important thing that should be done right way, would be to review everything and knowing that the changes of the project will only make it better and making sure that the team all the team members are aware of the changes, also that the stakeholders are also up to date with changes of the project.Identification and Description of the Project Stakeholders Project Sponsor- Is the person that authorizes the start of the project. I believe he/she is the most important person. Because the project sponsor is the one that funds the project.

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Project Manager The Project Manager- Oversees the project, making sure everyone is up to date with the details of the project, ensures the profitability of the project. Board The Board- Usually reviews the requirements, authorizes and Specification with any changes with the company. Customers Customers- Are the clients of the project in this case it would be the couple that is getting married.

Leader The leader- Will ensure that all the requirement of the project are being followed, they also will be responsible for ensuring that the project is on track, trying to help the team understand the direction or if they team doesn’t understand a task the leader will and should try to explain and even give or make examples that will help the team succeed and that the work area is workable and safe. Communications Methods A group chat will be created for the project, this is where everyone that is working on the project will have access to. The team members will have to participate in the chat, in the group chat they will be able to post any important information about the project, any questions that anyone may have regarding the project, this would be overseen by the project manager. Everyone will also have access to the files that will be put together with all the documents and information, it will be very important that everyone makes sure to scan in any documents and if they are doing any updates on the existing documents they will have to send or post a notification that there was change done, they will have to give a brief summary of the changes and specify what document was changed or updated.

If they do scan in or make documents, they will have to make also have to make an announcement as well on the group chat. The team members will be giving a laptop to use for the project, everyone will have access to the files and there will be a username and password that would be giving. This will ensure the confidential information of the project and documents. Also, the team can have a set day during the week where they can have meeting and review the project, this will be the best time to discuss any question that they may have or if they don’t understand a certain thing, or they can also discuss any new ideas that they may have that could be benedictional for the project. Communication Requirements In order for this plan to work effectively I feel like all the requirement and expectations that are expected from the team must be established, making sure that everyone understand them and making sure everyone on the team attendees the meeting. The project manager or team leader should lead the meetings and be organized, the discussions should cover the task of the project and the time line, also any issues that are present and or solutions, I feel like they can also review what is done or what must be done to stay on task with the project.

Conclusion In conclusion of the success of the project really depends on how the team works together, and if they can effectively communicate with each other and follow the timeline that is given to them.


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