Common England where William the first was able

Common law is rooted in centuries of English history, where Fiji borrows from England.

It emphasizes the centrality of judge as the gradual development of law and ideas of legal doctrine through the decisions made by court. Most laws are from state and federal legislatures, it can be overruled by legislative law. However we can say new common law tradition could be created with new legislative laws that are enforced to court, although state and federal legislatures have powers, Supreme Court has only the final say in interpreting the states common law. All state has constitution where the court can interpret legislative law; the hierarchy of court has different forms of law that consists of rules and doctrine developed by judges of English royal courts as their decision, where law of common jurisdiction are applied by these courts . English common law was emerged as an integral part of England that was the period between the Norman Conquest of England where William the first was able to proclaim and America had settlement of colonies that has many basic principles which became part of Americas system of justice that were established. It has been over 400 years of period from the eighth till eleventh centuries where cultural system are settling disputes through local customs are getting increasingly formalized, wars between various tribal groups were growing politically and increasing ownership by powerful lords, individuals responsibilities were replaced to their kinsmen that had served the basis of disputes settlement.

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