Colonialism Some of ways these are religion

Colonialism occurs when one nation takes control of another area outside of its borders. That is a direct example of what happened when British explorers arrived in Africa. While the Native Africans might not have known that the British were taking over their land, it would improve and strengthen their area known as Kenya in many ways. Some of ways these are religion under colonial rule, pre-colonialism, and colonial economy.
“Neither the Bantu nor the Masai have enough imagination to invent a mythology or enough power of organization to create a priesthood” this quote from E.B. Dunham in September, 1925 (Doc. 6). Dunham observed this as he was touring a native reserve, yet another writer by the name of John S. Mbiti countered this by stating that the Bantu tribe believed “God created man so the sun would have someone to shine upon. Then he created birds, plants, and animals to provide food to the man.” (Doc. 7) Although E.B. Dunham said that this African tribe could not create a Religion because of lack of imagination, but John S. Mbiti went directly against him and explained the whole religion. In the Statesman Yearbook of 1961-1962 (Doc. 8) S.H. Steinberg collected evidence stating that Missionaries were extremely successful in spreading Christianity because Indigenous belief went down from 80% to 26% and Roman Catholic went up from 3.5% to 28% in only 40 years of work!
Africa In the East Africa Protectorate (Doc. 1) Charles Elliot describes Africa as an “inhabited tabula rasa” meaning that Africa was up for grabs to any country that discovered it on their way to Asia. The Map of African Ethnic Groups (Doc. 2) reinforces this by showing how there is 75 different tribes but not a single big city or even a postal service in this entire area of the map.
Colonial economy, an economy of goods exported then imported into a colonial area. In the Map called Growth of the Road and Railroads of Kenya, (Doc. 11) the map displays how both railroads and major roads have more than tripled from around 1960 to 1945. In this document you can also see how in 1960 there was very few post offices but by 1945 there was 20 or 30 mostly placed in one major area called Nairobi. Colonialism also effected education of the Africans. The Africans were provided with education, even though it was not required.
Kenya has been made into what it is today because of the colonization that started over 50 years ago! Through the British, Kenya has been made both more developed and civilized. Although there have been some improvements to Kenya, there have also been some negative effects such as stripping of their faith, pre-colonialism, and a whole new economy


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