College achievements are all coming from the

College education is a special privilege that some might take it for granted. There is not a single place that offers as much life-changing opportunities as in the college. Those opportunities are including but not limited to building a solid networking foundation, global and cultural understanding, utilizing one’s creativity to the fullest and developing a set of skills that would later on revolutionize the global vision.

In my case, as a student of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, I truly believe that the key to having a gratifying journey here is to have a challenging spirit and innovative creativity. The consequences of all humanity’s greatest achievements are all coming from the challenging spirit itself which contributes to helping the global society to have such an advanced understanding of the current universe we live. In my opinion, as long as the we have the intention to make something happens, it will happen. For example, humans were not able to soar into the sky until 100 years ago, and it happened because of somebody had the ambition to do so. As their passionate perseverance came upon them, it did not hinder them one bit despite the fact that plenty of trial and errors took place and obstructed them in doing so, but they still achieved it anyway. As a result, it is a proof that the willingness to overcome the challenge truly reward a fruitful outcome. Moreover, speaking of this challenging spirit, it does not mean that anyone has it in them by default.

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The tricky part to having such a devoted willpower lies in the individual’s mindset which determine one’s destiny. This could be obtained by practicing positive thinking, establishing a clear and concise goal and committing to strengthening communication skill with technical competency. Innovation and creativity play a very important into making the quality of life better.Innovations are created in order to solve problems. Therefore, it is necessary for making things better and more convenient.

For example, if we compared the typical human life from this very present time to the life over the last 6000 years, it is safe to say that we have made a huge revolutionary advancement be it the technology innovation, health care innovation, groceries, education, trade, electricity, various energy and governing system. Personally, I truly believe that no matter what era we are living, innovation and creativity are needed and encouraged no matter what circumstances. We still do have our own Achilles’s heel. I think that the best approach to having a creative and innovative mindset is to be open minded, and embrace the constant change which occurs every day. Moreover, being active in the local community also plays a huge part since it is involving meeting a lot of people, and it would definitely broaden your knowledge and cognitive abilities.


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