be attributed to other factors not 30-Day Mortality and Readmission Data NameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate 30-Day Mortality and Readmission Data Review between the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and the Flushing Hospital Medical Center in South Ozone, New YorkThe CMS. gov 30-day Mortality and Readmission Data enables an analysis of information given by healthcare consumers which allows a comparison to be undertaken between different healthcare facilities (Barker & DeNisco, 2016). The mortality and readmission rates are determined within 30 days as this period is directly connected to the effects of healthcare services as death or readmission done after this period may be attributed to other factors not relation to the healthcare facility (Barker & DeNisco, 2016). Some of these factors may include complications to other illnesses, individual’s behavior, or after care services provided at home after the treatment services. The death and readmission rates include patients who are Medicaid beneficiaries who include the aging, pregnant mothers, and the disabled (Barker ; DeNisco, 2016).

A review of the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in South Ozone, New York based on patient’s experiences, timely and effective care, complications and death, unplanned hospital visits and use of medical imaging compared to State and National benchmarks scored a below the average in the categories of complications and death, and timely and effective care (, 2018). The 30-day death rates were no different from the national rates. The second review was on Flushing Hospital Medical Center, which had a low score on surveys of patients’ experiences (, 2018). The complications and death was no different from the national rate with death rate for pneumonia patients worse than the national rate. This information may impact the hospitals negatively since as consumers view their performance, they may change their options to other healthcare facilities (Medicare.

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gov, 2018).How and Why May a Consumer or a Health Care Professional Use This Data to Make Decision about Their Next HospitalizationThis data may be useful to a healthcare professional in determining healthcare facilities with the highest quality health care services where he/she can be able to provide his/her services (Barker ; DeNisco, 2016). Consumers of health care services are also able to determine which healthcare facility has the best care depending on their healthcare issues. This information determines how well a healthcare facility provides recommended care to their patients as required by the State or the National governments (Barker ; DeNisco, 2016). Will Reporting This Data Have An Impact On Hospitals Bottom Line In Addition To Financial Penalties From CMS? Give At Least Two Examples Of How This Data May Be Used And What Type Of Impact If May Have If At All On The Hospitals.Reporting hospitals that have designated quality measures will benefit from higher payment rates. CMS has been authorized by the MMA to pay hospitals, which report designated quality measures (, 2018).

This is meant to sustain quality improvement in the hospitals. Hospitals that do not successfully report will have a 0.4% reduction in the annuals market base (Medicare.

gov, 2018). This data enables transparency by publicly providing information to the public, which provides the public with information to aide them in making informed decisions relating to their healthcare (Barker ; DeNisco, 2016). This data is also aimed at encouraging healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals in improving their delivery of healthcare services to the public (Barker ; DeNisco, 2016). This data influences all hospitals to improve their performance, as there is a reward for quality performance as well as consequences for poor performances.

With a comparison tool available, hospitals are able to improve their performance based on their scores on the different categories (Barker ; DeNisco, 2016).ReferencesBarker, A. M., ;DeNisco, S. M. (2016). Advanced practice nursing: Essential Knowledge for the Profession (3nd ed.

). Boston: Jones ; Bartlett.Medicare.

gov. (2018). Hospital compare. Retrieved from


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