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CloudComputing:                                         Cloudcomputing is the services that is provided to company or someone through theinternet. These services include storage, servers, networking and softwareutilities so eliminating the need for buying the physical hardware and settingour own infrastructure. So here you only pay for the services which you want toget. Right nowyou are also using the cloud computing services but we don’t realize. Wheneverwe are listening to song, sending email, chatting with friends, playing gamesor storing files, then we are using the services of cloud computing but we don’tknow and cloud is the one making it all possible behind the scene.

Some of thebenefits of using cloud computing in E-commerce are :1. Cost :         Cloud computing reduces the cost andmake it easy for the company to run its business as they don’t need to set upthe infrastructure such as servers etc but they use the cloud servers and payfor the services they get from cloud servers. They only focus on growing itsbusiness they don’t need to worry about infrastructure. 1. Scalability:                    Cloud servers offer you thebenefit of scalability. So using cloud services you can scale up whenever yourbusiness has grown so you don’t need extra equipment for it .

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And if yourbusiness goes down then you can scale down per your requirement. Again it savesmuch of your money.e.g. you start a new business and you bought 1GB of space in cloud serverand after some months your business has grown so now you can scale up and buy10GB of space in cloud servers and vice versa.  3.

Automaticsoftware updates:                                                        By usingcloud computing you don’t need to update software for your servers or to updatesecurity for it. As you would need to do it in case of you set up your owninfrastructure. Cloud services providers would do that for you. 4.Work From Anywhere:                                             By using cloud computing services youonly need internet and you can access your data with any device.

For it youdon’t need your own laptop or mobile. You can access it through any laptop ormobile and from anywhere. 5. Speed:                 Speed plays animportant role in e-commerce business.

A study found that a webpage isabandoned if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. When the traffic increasessuddenly it slows down the website and make it unresponsive. By using cloud computing services you  would not face these problems.

Cloud computingremoves these problems by providing you high bandwidth, computational power andstorage. 6. DisasterRecovery:                                     The architecture of cloudcomputing is disaster tolerant. Cloud computing systems automatically takes thebackup of your data and stores it on some other sites. As an ecommerce businessis dependent on the data of its customer. So incase if the data gets loss dueto some factor then the backup will be there and you can continue your businesswithout any problem.

 TypesOf cloud computing services that is use in ecommerce :There is varietyof cloud computing service which is used by the ecommerce businesses. But themain three services we will discuss here :  1.  Software as a Service(SaaS):                                                  SaaS is a popular cloud computing service in which you don’t need tohire a developer to develop you a website or something like that for youre-business. It also removes the headache of downloading and installing softwareon a platform. SaaS platforms have a variety of softwares from where you canchoose and customize it according to your needs and start a business.

So itsaves your time, money and development budget.SaaS is becoming morepopular in among e-business owners. SaaS is used by at least 40% of onlinestores. The main advantage of using it is first of all you do not need spendmoney and buy softwares that are expensive second you do not need to be aprogrammer or it do not needs any programmer.The popular SaaS platformthat is available on the internet is shopify. With shopify you can create theonline store website by using the plugins which are available. You can createyour website through drag and drop.

Another popular SaaS platform is salesforce.comwhich has a service on name of salesforce app cloud which provides you a lot ofdevelopment tools to create custom websites and app for your business.   2.

Platformas a service(PaaS):                                                      This is another cloud computing service which provides you platform inform of web servers along with operating system installed on it. For thisservice you would need a developer to develop an ecommerce project or websitefor you and then you would buy space in these web servers for your projectwhich will also provides your application the programming environment. Development,service hosting and service management environment can be provided by Microsoftwindows azure as a PaaS. Similarly data services including relational databaseservices can be provided by SQL Azure.The big advantage of PaaSis scalability. You can scale up or scale down on your demand.

Another advantage is thatIn case of PaaS your data backup is kept in VM on different locations so thatone copy of your data in case of disaster or something like that can’t wipeyour whole business. Speed is another feature of PaaS. As your datais kept on VM and stored on different locations so user request will ping tothe machine which is near to him and your ecommerce site will load veryquickly. 3. Infrastructureas a Service(IaaS):                                                                        This is another type of service which is provided by the cloudcomputing.

In IaaS as the name suggests you can only pay for infrastructurelike space in a web server there is no operating system install on it and thereis no software which you will use for your e-business. You will need adeveloper first to develop an ecommerce site for you and then you will installoperating on web server and then you will deploy your site on it. It simpleprovides you the computing infrastructure and other resources like filestorage, disk image library, networking, firewall, VLAN etc. Example of CloudComputing Technology in Ecommerce:Deployment of cloud computingconsists of four models these are: 1. PublicCloud:                                  In publiccloud the information or data is shared    among the public.

You can share it withanyone by just sending the link of your data. The public cloud providesservices and resources which are clouded over the internet in order to providewebsite services and resources online are known as pubic cloud.2. PrivateCloud:                                    The privatecloud is a cloud in which the data is kept private from public. In order toaccess the data in a private cloud the user should be authenticated. Theprivate cloud is mainly operated for an enterprise. It is maybe managed by thethird party or organization.

The main purpose of private cloud is to share thedata, resources and services among the employees within the organization. So theprivate cloud provides the efficient work environment to increase the performanceand efficiency of the organization and at the same time to save cost and time.3. HybridCloud:                                    The hybridcloud is the combination of both private and public cloud. In hybrid cloud youcan store such data which can be accessible to all the public and at the same timeyou can also store data that is private and requires user authentication.

So theorganization can provide some tasks by using public cloud and some tasks byusing private cloud through hybrid cloud.    Cloud ComputingImpacts on E-Commerce Industry: Cloud based ecommerceapplications enables business leaders and IT to evaluate new opportunitieswithout large upfront investments. It makes this possible because of its lowercosts and faster deployments.Cloud computing reducesthe cost of starting your business by eliminating the need of purchasinghardware and software instead it makes you to take hardware and software onrent per your requirements.Cloud computing providesscalability by enabling IT companies to start from the basics i.e take lessspace in a hardware at the start and then increase it as your customers or yourbusiness has grown.

By using cloud computingIT companies will be able to do business 24hours a day 7 days a week. Conclusion:                                         Cloud computinghas reduced the cost of starting the business by purchasing a hardware andsoftware and setting an infrastructure and platform for running your business.Through cloud computing we can take on rent the hardware and software and payfor how much we use it.

Thus it reduced the cost of startingour own business and makes it easy aswell.


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