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Clinical Laboratory technology show and presents the development of medical science. Physicians and lab technicians use laboratory system to show and coordinate the different kind information in medical testing records existing in laboratory. Clinical laboratory is where test carried out on clinical specimen order to obtain information about the health of a patient to provide diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Laboratory system is computer system that process, stores, and manage data from all stage of medical process and test. Background of the problemThe clinical laboratory system is built for purpose of usable, sufficient, effective and clear data saving and manipulating of system.

Clinical laboratory system highly protective system easily searching the reports and data of patient quickly. And easy to use for the user because the manpower and paper work is being minimize. Overview of the current state of the technology The clinical laboratory system current state is being been left in current technology now and its already been hard of storing data because of slow and hard to use the current clinical laboratory system some of the system is being so corrupted during process or lose some information data of patient. Our current solution is to use latest languages, software to solve about losing of data and slow process of the system and the feature of storing data in secure way. And being minimize time and by which searching the reports and data you can get the data in quickest time. Objectives of the studyGeneral ObjectiveThe general objective of this system is to improve the clinical laboratory system of Hospital to maintain their proper system and not reduce of their time taking care of patients and clients.

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