CLEAN rinse them off well before they go

You should brush your real teeth daily. Your dentures are no different. It is very important to clean them every day to eliminate any bacteria or other agents that can cause issues. It is best to use a toothbrush that is meant purposely for dentures, which usually means it has soft bristles. In addition to cleaning them daily, a good rinse with water after meals or snacks, and especially after food that could stain, is recommended.

You may not know this, but most tooth pastes are too abrasive to use on dentures. Instead, look for denture cleaners that are made specifically for this task. You can also use a little soap and water to clean dentures, but make sure you rinse them off very well. No one wants a mouthful of soap. To make sure your dentures stay sparkling, keep up your brushing and cleaning routines to make sure plaque or buildup does not occur.

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Soaking dentures each night in their special solution is another key to their longevity. Remember also to rinse them off well before they go back in your mouth, as those solutions can be full of chemicals that you do not want to ingest.

When you are putting in or taking out your dentures, it is critical to be as careful as you can with them. A towel folded up in a sink or even filling the basin up with water makes it so they don’t get harmed if you drop them. Never soak your dentures in hot water either as that could lead to warping of the denture material. Be sure to keep your dentures moist when they are out of your mouth as this will extend their life and make sure they do not end up misshapen. Some dentures come with metal attachments too, so if yours do, ask your provider for specific instructions on how to clean and care for them as water can be bad for some metal parts.

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