Claireece “Precious” Jones always day dreams about being on the cover of a magazine and having a light skin boyfriend with nice hair but also wants to be on one of those BET videos

Claireece “Precious” Jones always day dreams about being on the cover of a magazine and having a light skin boyfriend with nice hair but also wants to be on one of those BET videos. When she wakes up from her day dreams reality hits her and she’s still the plus size sixteen-year-old girl still in junior high school pregnant with her second baby. Precious mom physically and verbally abuses her by throwing pans or anything at near view at her. Her mom calls her a dummy and says, “don’t nobody want you or need you, school not going to help nothing, take your butt down to the welfare”. Precious sees a chance to turn her life around when she is offered the opportunity to transfer to an alternative school. At the school her teacher provides a lot of support and inspiration towards Precious.
I will be discussing the screenplay in the film. The script is believable it brings emotions and inspirations to the table. The character “Precious” goes through a lot in her household. She had two kids that don’t live with her, and her mom tries to get extra money from the government by bringing her grandchildren to the house to make it seem like they live there like it’s a big happy family. Precious gets abused because her mother is jealous of her own daughter and gets called names all the time. Her mother makes her feel worthless and unloved. The movie is believable because they bring inspiration into light by overcoming obstacles. According to his website, Peter Travers states, “No wonder Precious has fantasies of walking red carpets and seeing herself as a skinny blond super model, her future is all dead ends until she is transferred to an alternative school”. The lines make perfect sense coming from the characters and the roles are played well. According to his website, Peter Travers states, “Tunnels inside your head, leave you moved like no film in years and then lifts you up in ways we don’t see coming”.
The story is interesting all the way through because it has you wondering what will happen next. The actors and actresses’ performances were rich and incredible enough to hold up dramatic scenes. The story takes us on a journey of this mistreated young woman from near destruction at the hands of her violent. The story is believable because Precious went through a lot of things such as physical and verbal abuse, rape, incest, and not loved, that damaged her and also her mom messing up her mentally. Push is an inspiring message that will fill you with optimism and joy. According to his website, Roger Ebert states that “There’s one element in the film that redeems this landscape of despair. That element is hope. Not the hope of Precious, but the two woman who want better for her”.
The actors/actresses deliver the language in a believable way. In the film you can see and feel the pain the actresses were giving off. It felt like a documentary like we were seeing everything going on in Precious life. Gabby Sidible who plays Precious gave a powerful, emotive performance. The actress Monique who played Precious mother “Mary” showed a side the audience never seen of her before. She showed that she could be the most disgustingly terrible mother you’d never want as your own. There was no weak cast member everyone portrayed a realistic and believable character. Mariah Carey shows up as the welfare counselor and shows she cares and tries to help Precious. Paula Patton played the alternative school teacher that takes a personal interest in Precious life, to the point of letting her stay at her home.


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