Civilization that shows the power and importance

Civilization and Barbarism The William of Golding’s Lord of the Flies is a novel that shows the power and importance of civilized rules and its role in preventing humanity from following natural trends in savagery character of. The novel shows how barbaric rules of civilization can be overcome when rules and authorities are displaced, and barbarism begins to become inevitable. When the boys were “resettled” on the island for the first time, the boy was inherently just. The boys voted on a leader, Ralph, and set rules and jobs for boys, and such courtesy of boys could see deterioration throughout the six huntings. Jack, who was addicted to hunting pigs to prove he was a hunter, was such a deteriorating leader. The three boys began to deteriorate as they were expeditioning for signs of other people. Three boys hit a pig trapped in a brush, but Jack froze “because of the huge drop of the knife and the cutting of the living meat; for unbearable blood” (Lord of the Flies, p. 29). Jack fears the idea of ??killing and bleeding living creatures. This action shows that Jack is also hindered by the rules of civilization.
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This close call is starting to fuel Jack’s obsession with hunt and kill. After Jack killed his first pig, realizing he could kill without any negative consequences, he brutally killed a sow’s sow. Then he cut his head off and placed it on a sharp-eared stick, as a sacrificial sacrifice. This shows Jacks killing slaughter of wild boar has begun to take over, and his fear of blood is no longer. This brutal killings are barbaric and reckless. Jack became very confident that he could kill anything that led him to want to hurt humans. Jack eventually became so barbaric that it killed Ralph. Almost all of the rules that saved Jack from killing were gone and he set his own rules. The effectiveness of conch change and its ability to govern the boy is another example that shows the deterioration of the rules of civilization. Conch is first and foremost a boy on the island’s most important project and symbol.

Conch was used to summon meetings and rule the boy. But in the end, over time, people like Jack started to ignore it and violated the rules. He and the other boys came out and the conch became useless. “I have a conch,” you’re not with you, “Jack laughs.” You leave it behind. Look, smart? – Conch is not on the side of the island- “(Lord of the Flies, p. 166) The conch was eventually destroyed, along with Piggy’s death, the last boy’s symbol of authority disappeared.The destruction of the conch symbolized Ralf’s eventual loss Authority, eventually led to Jack was overcome by barbarism.

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The final example of deterioration in the rules of civilization is that boys are afraid of this great beast and how they began to sacrifice for the beasts. In the whole novel, these beasts aroused great fear among boys. Fear begins with little fear of darkness and many other objects on the island. When Sam and Eric claim to be chased by a flying beast, fear begins with the Great Urn. This fear prevented the boys from firing in the mountains and gave some small nightmares. This fear also led Jack to give the boar a pig’s head. This awful move was considered effective, so when Jack wanted to put Ralf’s head on a stick. This brutality led to the final clash between Ralf and Ralf and Jack, just as Ralf insisted on his last goodwill on the island – his life.

All in all, the deterioration of the rules of civilization and their role in preventing the natural tendency of mankind to barbaric acts can be seen in these three examples: fierce actions triggered by six hunts, conch failure and fear.


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