cinema seems like a gentleman with little

cinema there is an internationally recognizable image for this word. from young to old from turkey to india one image comes to mind. there is one man who seems like a gentleman with little to no money with his bowler hat large shoes baggy pants and a very tight and shabby jacket funny walking style with a cane in his hand toothbrush moustache which is the signature of two men who are also the faces of two big themes of life laughing and crying i think you can guess the crying part some calls this man the little tramp one country calls him charlot the creator of this man says about him a tramp a gentleman a poet a dreamer a lonely fellow always hopeful of romance and adventure. in between two world wars people probably needed just that just him. first seen in kid auto races at venice 1914 he wasnt the tramp we know and love today. at first he was meaner and he seemed like a bitter tramp with no heart aiming only to make people laugh. the character was still in development and with a small evolution the tramp was born. sir charles spencer chaplin was born in england in 16 april 1889 only 4 days before adolf hitler which chaplin made a parody of with his absent father and mentally ill mother he had a tough childhood full of poverty fear and tragedy. chaplin found life at stage as a comedian and a vaudeville performer. famous fred karno company took him to america and the greatest journey of his life began. there he met mack sennett owner of the keystone studios in hollywood. he made 36 short films for the studio. at the beginning he was an actor then he started to learn writing screenplays and directing. this was his early period where he tried to make a living and to learn his craft. after keystone he made 15 films for essanay and was credited as actor writer and director. in his essanay period the tramp character started to become warmer kinder and more humane. especially with the aptly named short film the tramp 1915 he started to find his way to peoples hearts. essanay years were also important as he met his all time favorite leading lady edna purviance. she acted in about 40 films of chaplin. some of the best essanay films of chaplin would be the tramp the bank a night in the show. he became so popular in 1915 that people began to buy his merchandise like toys of tramp. after essanay he made films for mutual film corporation. mutual years were going to be the happiest years of his life he was the producer with his own studio opened in 1916 the director the writer and the star which worked with the actors who were identified with chaplin films albert austin eric campbell henry bergman and of course edna purviance some of the best films that were made in mutual years are one a.m the pawnshop the rink easy street the cure the adventurer and the immigrant chosen for preservation in national film registry of usa then came the first national years he produced some of his most famous films including shoulder arms the idle class; my favorite short films by chaplin a dogs life and pay day; and finally his first feature film the kid. his brother sydney chaplin also acted in some of his first national films. in 1919 four famous members of american cinema another legendary filmmaker d.w. griffith chaplins best friend famous actor douglas fairbanks fairbanks wife americas sweetheart actress mary pickford and charlie chaplin found united artists as an answer of cinemas creative artists to the big studio system.with united artists beginning from 1923 he made 8 feature films that are accepted by todays audiences and film critics as masterpieces. after his exile from america he made 2 more films in his motherland england. he spent his last years in switzerland with his wife oona chaplin the daughter of the famous playwright eugene oneill and their children. when he died in 1977 cinema lost one of his founding fathers and this time he made everyone cry. he is a legend and a genius in every sense of the word. there are no other words to describe his talent his understanding of human soul and his creative artistry. people who knew him usually said that he was full of himself and sometimes downright cruel virgina cherill star of city lights was fired from the production several times he was known as a womanizer a romeo who lured much younger girls into his glamorous lifestyle. these only show us that he was merely a human being with all kinds of mistakes and with a god-like cinematic talent. he made more people laugh than anybody else in history. he went from rags to riches made a career himself first as an actor and then as a writer director composer producer. he became the voice of laughter of millions who saw two world wars in their lifetimes. although comedies are important art forms he wasnt only a comedian but with the films he made he touched peoples hearts and fed their souls. in 1952 when he left america to participate in his film limelights premiere in london he learned that he couldnt go back to the country where he became famous and lived for about 40 years. he was labeled as communist in the middle of the cold war by mccarthys committee because of his anti-americanness. he lived in europe until his death but in 1972 america brought back him to give him an honorary oscar at 44th annual academy awards with the longest standing ovation in the history of academy award shows. the inscription on the oscar was for the incalculable effect he has had in making motion


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