an essential problem that threatens

Chronic pain, an essential problem that threatens the quality of life of countless people, is currently one of the greatest scientific challenges. Its nature demands a multidimensional vision that has forced a change in the philosophy of super specialization towards integrating and multidisciplinary conceptions. All people experience some type of pain throughout life, fortunately most of these experiences are not severe pain or progress to chronicity.Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with a real or potential tissue injury and each person, each organism perceives it differently, from the magnitude of the pain, to how to deal with it, that is why pain management is very important, since this can affect the quality of life of the person who suffers and if we manage to eradicate the pain, their quality of life will be better, since living with pain is not living, if not surviving (Nickerson, 2016). This paper aims to describe the clinical case of a patient who experiences pain.

To achieve a thorough description, we will represent the role of the patient during his consultation and choice of treatment, which will lead us to learn more about the proper management of health personnel for this type of patient.

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