Chronic to COPD is now available.7 This

ChronicObstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a disorder characterized by reducedmaximum expiratory flow and slow forced emptying of the lungs due to varyingcombinations of diseases of airway and emphysema.1. Globally, itis estimated that 3.

17 million deaths were caused in 2015 which is 5% deathsglobally in that year.2 Tobacco smoking was the strongest riskfactor associated followed by environmental tobacco smoke, occupationalexposure, age and biomass fuel.3 India contributes a significantand growing percentage of COPD mortality which is estimated to be amongst thehighest in the world; i.

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e. more than 64.7 estimated age standardized death rateper 100,000 amongst both sexes. The GOLD(Global Initiative for ChronicObstructive Lung Disease) guidelines have identified the goals of treatment forpatients with COPD.4Prescriptionquality index (PQI) is one of the reliable, responsive and valid tool forchecking prescription quality in chronic disease patients.5 AsCOPD is chronic disease we can evaluate quality on the basis of this index.

Moriskymedication adherence scale(MMAS) evaluates medication adherence to COPDpatients. Factors affecting medication adherence of COPD patientsare not properly investigated.6 As well as Quality of Life(QOL) isan important domain for measuring the impact of chronic diseases. COPD impairsquality of life by preventing people with the condition from socializing andenjoying their hobbies.

Among the disease specific questionnaires frequentlyused to evaluate the QOL of pulmonary patients is St. George’s RespiratoryQuestionnaire(SGRQ). A new version of SGRQ, the SGRQ-C specific only to COPD isnow available.7  Thisquestionnaire is designed to help us find out how much breathing is troublingthe patient and how it affects their life specifically in COPD patients.

8  The BODE Index which integrates BodyMass Index, Airflow limitation, Dyspnea, and exercise capacity, predictsmortality in chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.9Thepurpose of our study is to evaluate prescription quality index of drugs used inCOPD patients along with medication adherence rate in adult patients especiallyin a government set up. Further, Quality of life assessment using SGRQ-C scale-a new scale done in paucity of study in India as well as mortality will be evaluatedby BODE index.



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