Christmas house. What? It was my worst

Christmas is refered to as the time to be with your family and friends and it is also the celebration of our lord Jesus Christ.

 I left school on the 21st of December, 2017, and spent about three hours on the road because the traffic from school to the mainland was crazy. I arrived home feeling tired but I regained my energy when I noticed my father had renovated the house, It was looking really good like a brand new sports car. But that wasn’t all, there were thirty crates of drinks in my house, one turkey one goat, one ram and six chickens. All I could think about was; “Yummy!” I imagined myself looking like a pregnant woman when I returned to school. Then came the terrine news; the help left, which made me the new help, I wasn’t ready that, No! Not at all. That meant I had to clean so I could live in that house.

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What? It was my worst nightmare coming to reality. As a good child I helped my mum clean but being the Nigerian mum she is, she scolded me for not helping her enough. On the 25th of December, I was left with the responsibility of cleaning the house with my best-friend who came to help. We were preparing for the Christmas/birthday party my father was hosting the next day. When we finally finished working, my bestfriend and I treated ourselves to ice-cream at Cold-stone Creamery.The 26th was the big day, my mother prepared five different delicacies for the party. Once again, my best-friend came over to help us prepare. I couldn’t wait to dig into all the food in the house, I was really excited.

I was ready to eat till I was filled but things didn’t go as planned. I wound up doing the job of a dishwasher and a waiter. Waiting over forty guests who had different orders was an absolutely terrible experience, some of them even had the audacity to be rude to me but we thank God for self-control. My Christmas took an extremely wild turn compared to my original plan and the worst part is I didn’t get to eat myself to pregnancy, such a devastating experience indeed. At least I got to spend time with my family and friend, that’s what Christmas is truly about.


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