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Christina FloresHow To Talk More Effectively 05 July 2018The Three R’sReduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The 3Rs help cut down the amount of waste we use and how much ends up in our landfills and oceans. We can all have a part in conserving our beautiful home, Earth. All that is needed is one small change. It takes one shift to make a world of a differenceReduce by definition means: To make smaller or less in amount, the degree, or size of something. ( In order to reduce one simply has to use less.

The process of reducing starts by examining what we are using, and what we use it for. Many of our products are “disposable” in a sense you use it once and throw it away, in turn creating more waste. An example of not reducing would be using a disposable coffee cups. Americans throwaway 25 billion Styrofoam coffee cups every year. ( why not instead use a reusable coffee cup.

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The most effective way to reduce is to not create waste in in the first placeWhat is reusing? Reusing is to use something again or more than once; The action of using something again. ( Almost anything can be reused, from furniture to old pots and pans and everything in betweenLearning to reuse items for a variety of purposes is an essential part in reducing contamination.

Much of our waste can be used as compost. Compost is a natural and easy process in which the remains of fruits and vegetables can be used in a garden, which will help enrich the soil and fuel plants to grow. Another way is donating our old clothes we would be reducing, the person who wears those clothes again would subsequently be reusing them. Even if we can’t stop waste production entirely we can do our part by reusing.The last and final stage is recycling to recycle something means that it will be transformed into raw material and shaped into something new. (Dictionary.

com) Some of the products we use are sometimes made with recycled material.Recycling is an important step if we cannot reduce or reuse. There is no excuse for creating the amount of waste we collectively create. Waste has an important impact on our natural environment. One need is learning what products can be recycled, and what can’t be. By carefully looking for recycling symbol on the bottom of our products we are doing out share in keeping our environment clean. We would do well in asking yourself such questions as: Could I use this for another purpose? Can I use less? And finally Can I recycle this?As a whole we all have been so careless of our environment.

It’s time for change and that change starts with all of us. We need to take action for the better of our planet. Always keeping in mind the 3Rs Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


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